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DJ Fazal (9)

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Song: Tanishk Bagchi, Jubin Nautiyal - Bana Sharabi
Requested by: Shivi
Message: enjoy

Song: Maninder Buttar, Akasa Singh - Teri Meri Ladayi
Requested by: Jdjdjdjdj
Message: Jdjdjdjjdjd

Song: Maninder Buttar, Mix Singh - Aakdan
Requested by: Jdjdjjddjd
Message: Hddhjdjdjdjd

Song: Maninder Buttar, Mix Singh - Birthday
Requested by: Jdjdjdiod
Message: Hdhdjdididodo

Song: Maninder Buttar, Mix Singh - Love Me Someday
Requested by: Njdjdjdjh
Message: Dbdbdjjfkfifi

Song: Maninder Buttar, Asees Kaur, Mix Singh - Pani Di Gal
Requested by: Jjiiii99oo
Message: Jjiioooo

Song: Maninder Buttar - Dilaan De Rajya
Requested by: Kiiii
Message: Jjiztttt

Song: Maninder Buttar - Musafir
Requested by: Uuu
Message: Hjjiii

Song: Maninder Buttar - Cloud 9
Requested by: Fgtzuuui
Message: Ghhhjhh

Song: Himesh Reshammiya, Sachin-Jigar, Amitabh Bhattacharya - Baby Tujhe Paap Lagega
Requested by: Thamizharasan
Message: Tk

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26 - Mastaan, Gurlez Akhtar
7 Raniyan - Shree Brar, Gurlez Akhtar
7 Raniyan - Shree Brar, Gurlez Akhtar
Age Old - Mani Longia, Jasmeen Akhtar
Phullan Wangran
Age Old - Mani Longia, Jasmeen Akhtar
Ambitions - Jazz Dee, Gurlez Akhtar
Barbie Doll
Barbie Doll - Shivjot, Gurlez Akhtar, The Boss
Bebe De Asool
Bebe De Asool - Harjind Randhawa, Gurlez Akhtar
Belly Button
Belly Button - Naveed Akhtar
Born Ready - Jazzy B, Dr Zeus, Gurlez Akhtar
Charcha - Jagdeep Sangala, Gurlez Akhtar, Jay Dee
Charcha - Kotti, Jasmeen Akhtar
Combination - Nawab, Gurlez Akhtar, Gur Sidhu
Crime - Sipa, Gurlez Akhtar, Gur Sidhu
Duce - NIJJAR, Gurlez Akhtar
Aahi Gal
Dusk N Dawn - Himmat Sandhu, Gurlez Akhtar
Faraan Wali Jacket
Faraan Wali Jacket - Guri Lahoria, Gurlez Akhtar, Devilo
Gedi Route
Gedi Route - Kulbir Jhinjer, Gurlez Akhtar
Ki Chahida
Gill Skill, Vol. 1 - Jassie Gill, Gurlez Akhtar
Hold Sway
Hold Sway - Harman Brar, Saabi Bhinder, Gurlez Akhtar
Hun Fer Hou La La La La
Hun Fer Hou La La La La - Hunar Sidhu, Jasmeen Akhtar
Rakaan Top Di
Imagination - Desi Crew, Gurnam Bhullar, Gurlez Akhtar
Jatt Di Life
Jatt Di Life - Aarsh Benipal, Gurlez Akhtar, Gur Sidhu
Jatta Tere Warga
Jatta Tere Warga - Teji Grewal, Gurlez Akhtar
Jeeja - Samrit Sandhu, Gurlez Akhtar
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